About CCC

The ClinCompetence Cologne GmbH is a contract research organisation (CRO) located in Germany.

Who we are

The ClinCompetence Cologne GmbH is a full-service contract research organisation (CRO) specialised in the areas of allergology, infectiology, and ear, nose and throat medicine. Professor Dr. med. Ralph Mösges, former Director of IMSIE (Institute of Medical Statistics, Informatics and Epidemiology), Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne, founded CRI – Ltd. in 2006, a private research institute from which ClinCompetence Cologne GmbH emerged in the autumn of 2018. The company’s shareholders are Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Mösges and Dr. rer. nat. Silke Allekotte.

Our staff members come from the fields of medicine, natural science, statistics, and other relevant disciplines. We have more than 30 years of experience in the areas consulting, planning, implementation, regulatory affairs, project management, medical writing, and publication of phase I–IV clinical trials involving medicinal products but also of investigations with medical devices and of epidemiological and non-interventional studies.

A high-dose, depigmented polymerized birch pollen extract for subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy has a favourable efficacy/safety ratio

Oliver Pfaar1, Angelika Sager2, Ralph Mösges34, Margitta Worm5 Affiliations Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Section of Rhinology and Allergy, University Hospital Marburg, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg, Germany. ↩︎ LETI Pharma...

Quality Management

Mission – Our concept

  • Development and conduct of basic and patient-oriented clinical research in the fields of medicine and medical informatics with the aim of improving patient care
  • Main expertise: allergology, infectiology, and ear, nose and throat medicine (ENT)
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of our quality management system with the goal of meeting the needs and expectations of our clients and other stakeholders as well as fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements
  • Realisation of our mission by strengthening our interdisciplinary team of highly qualified and dedicated staff through a permanent offering of continuing and advanced training programmes
  • Trust and mutual appreciation as the basis for the collegial cooperation within our team

Vision – Our main goals

  • To reaffirm our scientific excellence through high-quality publications in leading medical journals and through recognised expert status in our core competencies
  • To hold a strong national and international market position as a competent and leading contact for allergology and ENT research as well as medical informatics
  • To maintain healthy growth as the basis for the successful implementation and sustainable development of our business model as a specialised full-service contract research organisation

Our Executive Board

Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Mösges

Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Mösges, FAAAAI is an otorhinolaryngologist and allergologist.

Dr. Silke Allekotte

Dr. Silke Allekotte is a biologist and experienced clinical project manager.