ClinCompetence Team

As a full-service CRO,

ClinCompetence Cologne GmbH covers the entire spectrum of clinical research. Highly specialised, experienced staff from the natural sciences and medicine form the core of our Clinical Operations division as project managers. The majority of our monitoring staff are also natural scientists. One focus of our services is data management, most of whose staff also have project experience in clinical research. Doctoral and post-doctoral natural scientists who have completed research stays in English-speaking countries are the core team of our Medical Writing. The area of biometrics is represented by several researchers who, as medical doctors and epidemiologists, also have broad application experience.

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The Management

The management defines the strategic goals of the company and communicates with sponsors, authorities and other research institutes.

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The monitoring team consists of dedicated physicians and scientists.

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Data management & Biometrics

In data management, experienced scientists and physicians work together with engineers.

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The team of our project managers has extensive experience in the field of pharmacological and medical devices studies

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Study center

In our study centers, medical specialists in various disciplines work together with study nurses and coordinators